My research work is carried out in the framework of national and international research projects in which the Networking with UWB, led by Prof. Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto is involved. Here is a brief description of the most recent ones I participated in:
  • The IC0905 (TERRA) COST Action (2010-2014) was a think-tank that united regulatory, technical and economic experts with the objective of proposing regulatory policies and spectrum management solutions towards the development of Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio (CR/SDR) technologies. Roles:
    • National delegate for Italy, nominated by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
    • Chair of Working Group 1 - CR/SDR deployment scenarios
  • The IC0902 COST Action (2009-2013) had the main goal to integrate the cognitive concept across all layers of communication systems, aiming at the creation of a European platform for cognitive radio and networks. by defining algorithms and protocols for all layers of the communications, and a set of standard interfaces as well as a common reference language for interaction between cognitive network nodes. Roles:
    • Chair of Working Group 5 - Definition of a cross-layer cognitive engine
    • Co-leader of Special Interest Group 3 - Mobility management for cognitive wireless networks
  • The ACROPOLIS Network of Excellence (2009-2013) had the main goal to foster collaboration in the cognitive and cooperative communications domain, allowing experts in areas of cooperative communications and coexistence methods, comprising but not limited to realms such as cognitive radio, cognitive networking and flexible networking to cooperate and harmonize their research goals. Roles:
    • Leader of WorkPackage 10 - Neighbourhood and Network Awareness